OUR TECH Protect your brand and assure
consumers of product legitimacy
Protecting your name - online - and for FREE.
Unique Security Code
Each Legitly™ Security Code is individually selected from
Twenty-four billion+ alpha-numeric combinations.
Meaning NO two sequences, will ever be a like.

All told - our system has over Eleven quintillion combinations.
256-SHA Encryption
Our custom algorhythm turns your matching serials code
in to an unrecognizable string of text.

Only the system knows the match.
Live Security Code
Each Legitly™ allows authorized users to activate or deactivate
their stickers 24/7!.

Use your stickers when you need them.
LiquidWeb - the most
trusted name in hosting
Your information is the most important thing to us. Liquid web
offers guaranteed UPTIME support, and cyber protection.
There on-site technicians are on guard 24/7/365.

*"LiquidWeb identifes and block cyber threat activity using
threat intelligence and vulnerability management to provide
advanced host and network protection."
100% White Label
We can have you up and running in minutes, not hours or

Simply send us your logo, and let one of our design
experts - show you around.
1,000,000 serial
codes in 47 seconds!
Legitly was built to meet the demands of large
corporations, and small business alike. By using the
software, paid users, can generate an infinite amount of
serial codes in real-time.

Perfect for laser engraving, or on the flly printing.
Daily Off-Server Backup
Daily Database Backup. We keep your files backed up for
7days. If there is ever any issues our tehnicians can back
up from the last known save point.

Marking sure your stickers are always safe, while operating
your user dashboard.
DEVICE COMPATIBILITY Legitly looks fantastic on PC
tablets and phones. So your customers
can access your product profiles
whatever device they use.
know more.
Get Meaning ful, actionable responses
grom your customer base.
Certify Your Products
The real deal with hologram warranty
stickers by legitly. These professional 3D
security labels allow customers to buy
with confidence that they're receiving
authentic merchandise.
Brand Assurance
access to our app (Apple and Android
friendly) to create product profiles in your
dashboard. This allows the buyer to
subsqequently verify prodcut genuineness
for peace of mind.
Custom Work Available
Work with a company that can help
scale your demand. Legitly has worked
with some of the biggest brands
accross multiple industries, to meet
demands. Quickly plug in - to our
custom API - and brand up.
Fight Back
holograms that diffract light, making
them impossible to copy using a
scanner or photocopier. Research
shows that counterfeiters tend to avoid
products which are protected by
Enhance your Products
electronic devices, fashion apparel and
sports collectibles. Customers perceive
a higher value for products protected by
hologram security seals because they
convey that you care about quality.